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The Startup Disrupt team was founded in 2020 and is dedicated to help business and tech disrupters to change the ‘old’ way of thinking in industries, products, and services.

The idea has been built by people from global entrepreneur communities and startup enthusiasts. The purpose of Startup Disrupt is to become a startup platform designed to provide knowledge, inspiration, connection to entrepreneurs, startup founders, technology innovators and startup communities all over the world.

Our mission

We’re not happy about the status quo. That doesn’t mean that we moan and complain about everything around us like annoyed teenagers. Quite the opposite. We’re super excited about the talent, activity, and potential we see around us every day. The whole world is changing, with disruptive technologies, new approaches to state organizations and educations, and the shaking up of old institutions. The Czech Republic, celebrating its 100 years recently as well as 30 years since the liberation from Communism, has had a very tumultuous century. We’ve been thrown around by various despotic regimes and went through a lot of oppression.

Now is our time to shine. We have unprecedented talent, a vibrant international community, world-class researchers, and great ideas. Let’s disrupt our own society and move to the next level, as well as take this infectious entrepreneurial, non-conventional spirit abroad.

That’s our mission, and where Startup Disrupt really comes together. We bring together talented individuals, mentors, companies, host events, and create a space for any curious mind and institution to thrive in. We encourage and actively support innovation and don’t see ‘disruption’ as a bad word; we see it as a mechanism for a better future.

Why join us

Top class events

Due to the rich network of people and partners, our events are something worth attending. Whether hosted remote or in swanky locations across Prague and abroad, they always involve top-level speakers who are leaders in their field, world-class partners and an amazing atmosphere. You can attend them for free and absorb new findings not only from our expert panels and thought-provoking discussions but also to meet hundreds of like-minded people in the audience.

Amazing network

You’d be hard pushed to find a more holistic and world-class network in one place like you do at Startup Disrupt. From tech giants to the most decorated startups in the world to kick-ass entrepreneurs to thought leaders in their field; we’ve got it all. Come join our web of passionate, dynamic organizations and individuals and become a part of this buzzing community.

Unique mentoring opportunities

We don’t like to keep the know-how to ourselves. We enjoy passing the knowledge on via a newly-launched mentorship program, which covers a wide range of topics from AI to marketing to behavioral science to business strategy. Join our mentorship program for a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading minds in their field.


Want to start a business? Worried about how to do it? Curious about the latest innovations in a field you’re passionate about? That’s what we’re here for. From sharing cool content online to our packed events to our mentoring to our social media discussions, we’re here to facilitate inspiration and help you on your journey to becoming a disruptor in society.

Connecting worlds

The world is a complex place. Which is great! We don’t only focus on ‘hipster tech’ or ‘Series A startups’. We do the whole thing. From huge tech unicorns to the smallest of startups. However, we don’t only cover the buzzing startup scene, as this in itself is a part of something bigger. With the functionality of Innovation Disrupt House, we also bring in Government Disrupt and Education Disrupt to the fold. This means bringing the dynamism and agility and disruptiveness of the startup world and breathing it into governmental and educational institutions, forming a complex system of connections through which we hope to make the Czech Republic one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

International outlook

We’re not limited to the Czech Republic. While the founder and team are Czech and feel deeply passionate about contributing to the country they love, we’re all globalized animals with international connections. We want to inspire the world as well as be part of it; which is why we often host foreign speakers and delegations, do international events by videoconference, and have plenty of exciting things in the pipeline which give us an international presence.

how can we help you?

Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about our startup activities.

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