Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring plays a factor in entrepreneurial success and is essential in today’s business not only because of the knowledge and skills that mentors bring in but also because mentorship is crucial for the mentee’s personal motivation and development of career goals. Everyone needs a mentor in life. Mentors are advisors whom you can trust. They are great at providing guidance and perspectives that can be easily overlooked. Many assume that mentorship is like one-way roads where the stream goes inevitably from mentors to mentees. This assumption fails to take into account our mentors’ curiosity and strong desire to give back and to constantly expose themselves to innovative ideas. We are here to support startup founders, designers, developers, engineers, and other creative and bright minds to pursue their dreams and goals.

Mentoring process

Step 1: Briefing

A workshop designed to brief attendants of what they might come across throught the mentoring process, as well as the entry criteria.

Step 3: Transformation

Startups will get the assistance they need from industry-relevant mentors.
To refine startups’ business model, CRM, product management and much more.

Step 2: Initiation

Workshops & 1-on-1
The objective is to help startups with conceptualization&presentation skills

Step 4: Acceleration

At this point, startups will attain suggestions primarily regarding legal affairs, sales, marketing and will be linked with potential customers and investors.

Who are mentors?

Are you interested in our mentoring program?

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