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Cash is the bloodline in any business. You might possess a brilliant business idea, a perfect business model, cutting-edge technology and a know-all team, but there is no business without cash. Lack of funding is reckoned to be one of the most common reasons why start-ups fail within the first year of operation. Startup Disrupt acknowledges the critical challenge that is inevitable and so we want to alleviate your concerns by offering the best practices & connections with top investment players on the market.

How we can help:


We work closely with a range of different organizations of VCs, Angel Investment, PEs and many more which are interested in early-stage companies and are dedicated to responsible investments to achieve mutual sustainability.
You are worried that you might not be ready for fundraising just yet? Come see us! Our mentors will prepare you for these occasions. We facilitate learning by simulating investment meetings so we can give you the feedback in term of your readiness for investment. Focus on your business, while we take take of the rest for you!


This is where you make the big bets. We are here to make sure that Czech innovative ideas are ripe and sustainable. We cross match so you find your best fits and of course we assure things go smoothly until the deal is sealed.

Are you interested in your fundraising options?

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