Fashion Disrupt: Creator Economy

Event description

Over 55 million people in the world consider themselves Creators. With current tools and platforms, anyone can start creating. And making money. The pandemic has accelerated the move towards Creative Industries for many and that trend will continue. Currently, Creative Industry employs more people aged 15-29 than any other industry.

Most Creators count merchandise among their main revenue streams. JoJo Siwa sold hair ties worth $80 million in the last four years. On his last drop Mr. Beast sold 68,337 units of merchandise at an average of $35 and Paul Logan himself earned about $30 million in a year just through fashion apparel with his name. With that revenue in play, fashion czars have had to recognize the power of Creators and their influence as tastemakers. Musician Travis Scott was given an honorary title by Parsons School of Design this year: more people wear his merchandise than buy most brands presented at fashion week.

During Fashion Disrupt: Creator Economy we will focus on business models behind the rise of merchandise and look at players leveraging the field. Our goal is to show that fashion is a business. Even if that means selling printed tees.

📡 The event will be online streamed in English.

This event is brought to you with the kind support of #Holkyzmarketingu, CzechInvest, Growth with Google, LXVI, TyInternety, HubHub, and others.

🕖 Agenda

5.30 pm – 5.35 pm CET – Welcome Speech
5.35 pm – 7.25 pm CET – Multiple panel discussions & QAs (will be announced soon)
7.25 pm – 7.55 pm CET – Pitch Night
7.55 pm – 8.00 pm CET – Closing Remarks

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