Event report – the first Innomeet

Startup Disrupt organized the first Innomeet meeting on March 17, 2021! InnoMeet powered by InnoCamp is a series of several meetings that bring together innovators and people from start-ups, corporations, and the general public who would like to awaken their innovation potential. The event took place online – the recording is available on Startup Disrupt’s YouTube channel.

Each meeting will have a different innovation theme and the panelists will look at it from all different perspectives – we will invite leading representatives of the technological and business sphere, but also artists, scientists, and other startup-related people of the Czech innovation ecosystem. One writer, the other a startup founder. One scientist, the other a hackathon winner. And how was the first meeting?

First InnoMeet

The guests of the first meeting were Jakub Nešetřil, who is one of the most successful Czech IT entrepreneurs and has on his account, for example, the successful establishment of Apiara or work on the Česko.Digital, 11 Red Dot Awards winner Petr Novague from Novague Design, and innovator and organizer of FuckupNights Tomáš Studeník. The discussion was moderated by Patrik Juránek.

Guests of the panel discussion discussed all kinds of topics related to innovations in the Czech and foreign environment. But how do you even define innovation? Jakub started the discussion on this topic by introducing a mainstream view on the startup ecosystem: “In the startup environment, it is assumed that startups automatically do something innovative. But until the idea is met with someone stubborn enough to implement it, the idea is worthless.”

What’s important?

  • learn to do key things and cut processes to the necessary minimum
  • give employees space and time for themselves
  • be open in conversation with investors and don’t let being too secretive to discourage them from the possible cooperation


According to the guests of the panel discussion at the first InnoMeet meeting, the motivation for children to be innovative and create their own brands in the future should be reflected in schools. On the topic of education, it was also said that people in these environments should learn continuously and get used to constant learning – this field is regularly dynamically transformed.

What did you want to be when you were little? A teacher, a doctor, or an astronaut? This is exactly the question that Jakub’s son got asked at school some time ago, and he was immediately clear – he wants to be an inventor. The school told him it wasn’t a profession. But what about the innovators? They’re the ones who make up the new and unprecedented. And they are the equivalent of fairy-tale inventors in children’s eyes.

What topics will resonate in the world of innovation over the next year?

The size of the market is essential. We certainly cannot compare, for example, the Czech Republic with America or Germany. According to InnoMeet guests, America and Europe are likely to unite in opposition to China and India, which are pushing more and more into the center of the innovation ecosystem. So our lives will be shaped a lot by Asian culture, which is different from Euro-American culture.

Are you more interested in the first InnoMeet meeting? Feel free to watch the recording of the entire discussion. The event is in Czech.

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