Event Report – Sustainable Future: GreenTech


In May we live-streamed an amazing event Sustainable Future which was about Green Tech, nanotechnologies, circular economy, smart mobility, and other interesting topics.

Sustainable Future is a series, in which we tackle a specific topic in the hope that it will inspire people to make a change. For this event, we chose to focus on green tech, as it is an area close to our hearts and where we perceive the need for change most strongly. We received a fantastic talk from our speakers on how they are utilizing sustainable energy at their companies.

If you are interested in the sustainable future of tech, then this is the event for you. The startup area is home to some of the most innovative companies and people working on environmental issues. This event brought together people who share a vision for where the future of tech goes — having fun while making an impact. In the future, we’ll have speakers presenting on different topics related to green tech and decentralized tech. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn about some of the companies behind these innovations and hear about how they’re tackling some of the world’s biggest issues.




1️⃣ GreenTech – Panel discussion & Q&A (Dane Baker, Dan Beseda, Karolina Pumprova, Pedro Gaspar)

2️⃣ Sustainability – Panel discussion & Q&A (Cagri Selcuklu, Cyril Klepek, Silke Horakova, Ondrej Rybka)

3️⃣ Pitch Night with startup founders – Alexis Normand (CEO & Co-founder, Greenly), Constantin Vermoere (Founder & CEO, Smove.City)


  • Dane Baker
  • Dan Beseda
  • Karolina Pumprova
  • Pedro Gaspar
  • Cagri Selcuklu
  • Cyril Klepek
  • Silke Horakova
  • Ondrej Rybka
  • Alexis Normand
  • Constantin Vermoere


If you missed the live stream, don’t worry! Check out the video below and enjoy the sustainable future with Startup Disrupt!

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