Event report – Startup vs. Corporate

On the 2nd of March Startup Disrupt in Hungary powered by Microsoft for Startups organized an event Startup vs. Corporate. We live-streamed an amazing event with 3 extraordinary speakers – Csaba Zajdo (Founder, OptiMonk), Zoltan A. Vardy (Founder, The Launch Code), and Andras Vinnai (Manager, Deloitte Hungary). The panel discussion was moderated by Zsolt Budavári-Nagy (Head of partnerships, EuroAsian Startup Awards).

The differences

Working for a startup is in many ways different from working in a corporation. The discussion of Startup VS Corporate was mainly focused on how startup life and corporate life differ and on other hardships that people usually encounter.

The speakers shared some really interesting pieces of information as the biggest differences between those two. Corporations have their own defined infrastructures and defined processes. If you’re interested in learning professional skills, you’ll probably learn a lot in a corporate company. The art of teamwork is necessary for companies that are stable and settled up.

Those companies are planning and detail-focused and you can really learn a lot from their defined work processes, but they’re usually slow in execution. Startups, on the other side, are mostly great with fast execution, because that’s the center of what they do. Everything’s fast-changing, founders are managing big chaos on their daily basis and a big opportunity to fail and try a lot of things – that’s the life of working in an early stage company.

By the words of speakers, everyone should try working in a corporate for a few years, because of the possibility of learning a lot of things and get the fundamental skills.

What are corporations looking for?

  • Solving the problem you were hired to, is the key.
  • Collaboration with others. Teamwork is really important and you’ll be dependent on other people a lot.
  • Being systematic.

What are startups looking for?

  • Having potential.
  • Flexible people
  • People who can stay in it and find the energy to work on an early-stage project.

If you are ready for the world of startups and love risks, you should give it a try – it’s never too late to try it. And what should be your first steps? Rewatch the panel discussion on Startup VS Corporate on our YouTube channel!

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