Event Report – Startup Founders: Navigating through early days

On the 31st of March Startup Disrupt, powered by Vienna Business Agency and Vienna UP21′, organized an online event Startup Founders: Navigating through early days. We live-streamed an amazing event with 3 extraordinary speakers – Andrej Kiska (Startup investor at early-stage venture capital fund Credo Ventures), Tomáš Navrátil (Senior Lawyer focused on company acquisitions at HAVEL & PARTNERS), and Marek Polčák (CEO & Co-Founder of VRgineers Inc.).

We talked about the first steps of startup founders, the role of the startup ecosystem, investments, opportunities for early-stage startups, and many other interesting topics.

Everything is changing along the way

Marek Polčák from VRgineers shared a really important message with the audience: “Be prepared that everything will change through the process. Sometimes founders feel like everything’s temporary and written in stone, but the year 2020 proved us all wrong.”

The world is upside down, almost everyone switched to a digital lifestyle, and companies were forced to adapt to the new style of living. One of the things Marek Polčák would recommend to his younger self would be considering the preparation for possible changes. And what’s his advice for all the new founders and early-stage startups? Do something that you love and have a passion for.

A legal point of view

Tomáš Navrátil is a senior lawyer focused on company acquisitions at HAVEL & PARTNERS and the Startup Founders event wouldn’t be it without him. Setting up the processes from a legal point of view in a company is a  really important thing to do and Tomáš is a professional here in the field.

One of the things debated was the question of trademarking the name of the brand. Is it really worth it? Tomáš recommends to take the time to do the research with a proper advisor who can take you through the whole process. . Do you wanna find out more about the legal point of view when it comes to startups? Check out the whole discussion on Startup Disrupt’s YouTube channel.

How to approach a VC?

One of the most important questions of every founder answered – here are some of the tips that Andrej Kiska, a startup investor from Credo Ventures, shared during the event:

  • warm introductions
  • meet other founders and wide your network across the startup ecosystem
  • help each other
  • and also check Startup Disrupt for the valuable knowledge we share through our events

What to do next?

We partnered up with Vienna Business Agency and ViennaUP21′ and we would like to invite you to the ViennaUP21′ – the largest decentralized and community-driven digital startup festival in Spring 2021. Sign up at ViennaUP.com and join the online matchmaking and connecting with the Viennese startup community, corporates and investors.

Also, don’t forget to check the whole Navigating through early days event below!

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