Event report: How to become a master of processes in startups?

Setting the right processes is the key to a successful startup! But how to set them correctly? Startup Disrupt organized an online event focused on setting the processes in startups and the speakers answered the tricky question. We uncovered the key essence of processes in different areas of startups like sales, marketing, operations, customer engagement, production, and how to set them to become the master of it with speakers from world-class startups who are professionals in this field. We talked about the processes in startups, how to be more productive, how to set the tools which will boost your startup to the limits, expand, and many other interesting topics.

This event is brought to you with the kind support of CzechInvest, Microsoft for Startups, LXVI, Salesforce, HubHub, Tyinternety, Grow with Google, and others. Read our after-event report and watch the online session!

Our speakers

Denis Tomíšek – Salesforce

Daniel Šturm – Solitea

Stephen M.Walker II – Productboard

Anton Danilov – Wrike


How to focus on one idea at a time? Founders sometimes want to do a lot of things, but most of the time, the work isn’t that effective. Weekly prioritization of goals and things you wanna achieve, and knowing the time capacity of your team – that’s the key in deciding what to focus on first. Anton Danilov recommends asking the right questions – what is our priority or what we should focus on more.


Knowing when to put a process in place is necessary – you actually don’t need a process for everything right now. “And it is not important to choose the perfect CRM – just choose one.”, said Stephen M. Walker II. Denis Tomíšek from Salesforce has never worked in a startup, but he likes to think about Salesforce as if it is one big startup-like company. The presence of CRM in startups is not necessary by his words, sometimes spreadsheet works the best in the early stage.

Check out the event on YouTube!

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