Event Report – Founders Aid: Legal Processes in Startups

Say hi to a report from “Legal processes in startups” powered by Startup Disrupt! In July we’ve livestreamed an online webinar about everything you need to know when starting a business from a legal perspective so you can be ready to build right the next unicorn🦄 – From registering a business, IP, its operation, hiring employees to bring on board a new business partner or VC.

Starting a company isn’t just about setting up the legal structure and getting the doors open. There are some specific steps that must be followed so that your new company can function smoothly.

There are three basic legal processes in startups. The first is acquisition. The second is funding. And the third is the exit. To understand each process you need to know what each person at the company is responsible for and how those roles relate to each other. At the beginning of a startup, all heads are pointed toward creating value. How can we make this company more valuable? What can we sell that will help raise money and close deals? There is one common thread among all three: legal processes. Starting a company requires navigating complex legal processes involving multiple people—sometimes in as little as a week! Check ou the event and learn something new!


  • Welcome Speech by Startup Disrupt
  • Panel Discussion
  • Pitch night with startup foundes


  • Tomáš Navrátil (Havel and Partners)
  • Martin Fejfárek (FFK Legal)
  • Richard Baček (Siemens)

If you missed this awesome event, check out the recording below ⬇

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