Event Report – Female Leaders: Let’s Change It!

Let’s change it!

Four innovative female leaders, amazing projects, and one event by Startup Disrupt discovering it all.

Imagine that you have the opportunity to meet and work with business leaders from all around the world—people with different experiences, skills, and backgrounds. What would you want them to tell you? What would stand out as an important part of their story? This is exactly what happens when you explore the role of women in business at Female Leaders events.

Listen to the stories of 4 women who stood behind their dream and have successfully built their team, product, or company from scratch. What is behind their success?

If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career or just learning about some new opportunities in your community, this event is for you. The speakers featured will share their stories about where they’ve come from and what they’ve been through – all while inspiring you to reach your own goals and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Check out the video below and discover it yourself! ⬇

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