Disrupt Validator

Ideas matter, but their execution matters more. That’s why the Disrupt Validator exists.

It starts with an app. When you sign up, you will go through a series of questions and tasks. Once you complete the process, you will have:

  1. a proof that your idea works or doesn’t work;
  2. a story that you can tell your investors;
  3. loads of data that will back your story.

What’s In It For Me?

Going through the app requires work. But think of all those benefits!

  1. You will lay a foundation for having both a data-driven and sales-orientated company.

  2. You will be more organized and focused.

  3. You will spend less time tracking and explaining your thought processes to the investor.

  4. You will foster better relationships with your investors.

  5. You will master communicating your idea to others.

  6. If your idea proves to be valid, you will be left with many warm leads to follow up on.

  7. If your idea proves to be invalid, you can pivot before investing more resources.

Bonus: You will get a sweet $$ dashboard that tells you what’s important to focus on next.

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