Community that doesn’t just talk about innovation

The time flies by. Half a year ago we’ve introduced you to Startup Disrupt – the new community of people united by innovation, desire to make the world a better place, and pride in Czech companies and startups which we wanna offer the best possible support to make it big.

We didn’t want to stop at empty phrases and buzzwords like ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’, so we’ve worked hard to create a real startup platform, informative events, content, and community that doesn’t meet up because of the catering and business cards exchange but is symbiotic, encouraging, multidisciplinary and can solve problems and crisis together.

So – what’s coming next?

1. We’ve launched a community platform. In a nutshell, it means, we’ve built our social site through Mighty Networks technology, that you can sign up to, exchange opinions with others, interact with the content, learn from a guru in the field, start a company with a friend, and everything in between. We’re trying to grow the audience and content organically, so it means the community is mostly up to you – but yes, we’re regularly serving you content, ideas, and inspiring events. It takes about 30 seconds to sign up – join us and experience the Startup Disrupt community in one place.

2. Startup Disrupt isn’t the final destination. Exactly the opposite – this is just a start. Yes, startups are important, but we’re primarily focused on revolutionary thoughts and the speed at which it spreads, agility, and the openness that the startup community provides. The COVID crisis helped with discovering the problem that’s been around for approximately 3 last years. Innovative and disrupting thinking, which is circulating in small technological companies’ blood, doesn’t work the same way in education and government institutions. We wanna help them. We want us to switch from schools buying two VR headsets for grant money for a short-time experiment to the digitalization of education. Our goal is to untie the hands of teachers and allow them to use machine learning for students’ predictive learning.

We want a personalized treatment and process of quarantine for every citizen instead of a badly handled highway sign hackathon or chaos at test stations. We’re leading Startup Disrupt this way as one of the pillars of Innovation Disrupt House, which also includes Education Disrupt and Government Disrupt. With this triumvirate and multidisciplinary way of thinking, we can achieve real social changes.

We are honored that Education Disrupt was launched on the 2nd of December within panel discussions which were filled with amazing people from the education environment, AI, innovations, and corporate industry. We’ve also organized an event with Masaryk University, where we actively connected students with our mentors and showed the world a new level of connection within the Startup Disrupt community. The new way of networking will be strengthened by the community platform. The start of Government Disrupt activities is still ahead of us and we’ll inform you about the release.

3. We are creating new content. Our goal is field-linking, multidisciplinarity, and primarily critical thinking. We don’t want the startups to get lost in the circle of saying trendy things that are supposedly what the investors wanna hear. We support real opinions that are substantiated by data. We want people to disagree with each other if that means they’re gonna get to better results. And finally, we want to offer a diverse scale of content. In the last half a year we’ve done everything from VR conferences to AI, space, healthcare, Female Leaders, Industry 4.0, and mentoring of startups. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, innovator, or innovations enthusiast – the Startup Disrupt family welcomes you among us.

4. We’ve decided to formalize the Startup Disrupt family. People from our community come to us and say that they wanna be active and become a part of our ‘club’. We don’t want to act like an innovators club, but we’re glad about the interest. Based on that we’re launching a membership system in January 2021 for students, individuals, and companies. We don’t want to be just another group of people that will add another plastic member card. Through the partnership with unique people, we are offering you a safe space to innovate, talk with others, start companies and push Czechia forward.

To cut a long story short – what we want to hand over to you through this article? Are you an inquisitive individual, or a company that wants to do something big and the traditional ways aren’t ideal for you? Do you like intellectual freestyle and wanna meet someone also interested in combining physics and fashion or AI and painting art? Do you have a great idea, do you want to start a company and don’t know where to start?

The one and only thing to do – go to community.startupdisrupt.com

You’ll register there in a minute for free and the new world in a young but strong community will open for you. We’re proud of building it in the last half a year and we’ll be honored if you become a part of it.

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