Clubhouse – Czech Startup Leaders: fuckups in startups

Startup Disrupt is on Clubhouse! As we hop on the new platform, we’re starting a new series Czech Startup Leaders in which we talk with Czech entrepreneurs and leaders from the startup world. 

The first Czech Startup Leaders discussion will be held on Thursday 11th of February at 7 PM CET. We’ll talk about fuckups and lessons learned from them with Ondřej Krátký from Liftago, CEO of Superface Radek Novotný, founder #HolkyzMarketingu and mentor of Google for Startups Pavlína Louženská, Zdravko Krstanov from Forbes and many others.

We’re going to discuss speakers’ biggest fuckups, learning from entrepreneurship mistakes, and how to avoid them. Advice for startups and stories from the business world – this and many more on Clubhouse.

The event will be in Czech.



Patrik Juránek – CEO Startup Disrupt

Ondřej Krátký – CEO Liftago

Radek Novotný – CEO Superface

Pavlína Louženská – founder #HolkyzMarketingu, mentor Google for Startups

Zdravko Krstanov – Forbes

and others


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