Brain Food with Pavlína Louženská

We would like to introduce a new regular topic to our Startup Disrupt community, where we will be sharing our speaker’s recommendations on books and podcasts to grow and share knowledge and to inspire each other. Let’s call this Brain Food. Together with our hosts, we aim to challenge your entrepreneurship stereotypes and broaden your mindset. 

Pavlína Louženská is a founder of #HolkyzMarketingu which has grown into 20 000+ women network with regular workshops and meet-ups. She has 15+ years of experience in training and 10+ years in a managing role both in startups and corporations: led teams of 2 to 120 people. Her domain expertise is in fashion, design, startups, and technology. She is a Lead Mentor for Google for Startups Accelerator since 2017 and in many other startup accelerators. She mentored business, product, management, and growth in 10+ countries to over 100 companies in 2019. Pavlína is a host of Startup Grind Female Leaders since 2019.

She often reads books beyond her field. If you understand how society is evolving, you can find a better blue ocean strategy or target a campaign. She tries to avoid books about personal development, but she is looking for podcasts and texts that can teach you empathy and broaden your horizons beyond your own bubble. 

Pavlína has been interested in politics for a long time. Often she is thinking about what we can do so that we do not follow the same footsteps of Hungary or Turkey for example. Or she wishes to experience the first Czech president, and especially someone who won a positive campaign, like Čaputová or Obama.

What to read if you are also interested?

The vast majority of marketers (and startups) live in Prague. At the same time, they usually create campaigns and products for those who are living far from Letná. So I try to travel around the regions as much as possible. Whether for real or mentally. Because only if we understand why the tenth of the Czech Republic is in execution can we understand how to help them. What to read or listen to if you are also interested?

Apart from startups, Pavlína has been involved in the fashion business for almost ten years. she helps young brands calculate margins and finding their market fit. Pavlína also works on creating an accelerator here one day that will allow them to find an investor and expand beyond the borders. Because not only technology startups should have the opportunity. What to read or listen to if you are also interested?

Like anyone else, she is constantly researching and observing relationships. Her own and others. She believes that if we understand how to get along better, we can do more as a result. So instead of Tim Ferris, Esther Perel, please. What to read if you are also interested?

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